Searching by field and by keyword
       1.    Searches by field are based on strings and sub-strings, i.e. the exact sequence of characters composing part of a word, a complete word or a phrase.
       2.    The keyword search is a free search by word. Only whole words are searched for. When a number of words are used, the records displayed are those containing at least one of them
       3.    Span datesi constitute a particular type of search by field.
Searches by initial date alone yield all the descriptions in which the initial date is equal to or earlier than the date entered.
Searches by final date alone yield all the descriptions in which the final date is equal to or later than the date entered.
Searches by both initial date and final date yield all the descriptions in which the initial and final date fall within the interval constituted by the dates entered.
       4.    In order to start a search, select the entity of interest from the Search in selected fields pull-down menu in the box to the left.
       5.    A search form will appear in the right-hand box composed of different fields in relation to the entity selected:
       6.    Having set up the search, click on the Search button to start.
       7.    The Cancel button can be used before the search is underway to clear the fields of the criteria previously entered. When the results of the search have been obtained, it can be used to restore any search criteria eliminated from the respective fields.
       8.    The search results are given in alphabetical order for archival entities, creators and types of document, and in chronological order for political-institutional contexts and previous archival repositories. When a search yields a large number of results, the items on the list will be displayed in groups of twenty on an alphabetical basis (or chronological in the case of previous archival repositories), which can be clicked on to move from one to another. Example, display of results obtained for a search on .Signori. in the Title field of the search form for Archival entities
       9.    Finally, click on the name for a description of the desired item.